For many businesses, a bricks and mortar asset will be the most valuable asset they will ever own and can be a source of significant stress when loss or damage occurs.

Property Insurance can be in the form of a Business Package, Industrial Special Risks (ISR) or Strata policy amongst others, dependant on the use, and value of the property. Regardless of the policy type, all property policies provide cover for loss or damage to insure property by any cause not specifically excluded.

Each policy type provides a range of additional benefits tailored to the properties that are typically insured under that policy. An ISR policy is a comprehensive policy providing the broadest coverage and is typically suited to high value properties (or multiple properties) in excess of $3,000,000.

Business Package policies are tailored to suit small to medium sized businesses and provides broad financial protection against a variety of risks. In addition to damage to the property, a Business Pack also provides cover for contents and stock, glass, machinery breakdown, liability, business interruption and others. These coverage sections are customisable so that the Insured has the option to insure one or all sections. We can assist you in assessing your business needs and structuring your policy as required.

What is covered under a property insurance policy?

A dollar amount is paid for property damaged by perils such as fire, smoke, wind, hail, weight of ice and snow, lightning, theft, etc.

What if a person is injured whilst on my property?

Liability coverage is provided by the Property Insurance for anyone injured while on the property other than the property owner or renter.

Do I have to have property insurance?

If you have borrowed finance for the purchase of the property, the lender (bank) will most likely require you to have property insurance to protect your home in case of damage by unforeseen events such as fire or natural disasters.

How much should I insure my property for?

The individual purchasing the insurance selects a predetermined amount to insure the policy for.  This amount should take into consideration the costs required to rebuild your home following an event or disaster.

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