Protecting your debtor’s list against financial loss is one of the biggest challenges any business faces.

Even the most disciplined credit management cannot prevent bad debts however the impact can be significantly reduced by a Trade Credit policy. Trade Credit covers your losses and protects your cash flow if a debtor defaults on payment or becomes insolvent. In addition, the security this policy provides may assist in boosting your borrowing capacity with your bank.

How does Trade Credit Insurance work?

Trade Credit Insurance protects a company against the failure of its customers to pay trade credit debts owed to the business. These debts could arise as a result of a customer becoming insolvent or failing to pay within the agreed trade terms and conditions.

What is the cost of Trade Credit Insurance?

The level and cost of Trade Credit Insurance will depend on your needs, the size of your credit portfolio, the level of risk associated with your customers and the location of your market.

Can your business afford a bad debt? 

Trade Credit Insurance protects a business’s cash flow. The insurance covers the businesses trade with its customers so that the business still gets paid even if the customer goes under or fails to pay.

What other names are Trade Credit Insurance know as?

Trade Credit Insurance can also be known as Debtor Insurance, Export Credit Insurance and Accounts Receivable Insurance.

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