Risk is part of the day to day running of any business.  Some risks are relatively minor and others could put you out of business fairly quickly.  All businesses should evaluate their risks and formulate sound and robust risk management practices and protocols to minimise, manage and if possible avoid the risk.  Transferring risk to insurance is an effective risk management tool to protect against many of the risks you and your business face and this is where Planned Cover can assist.

Planned Cover is a unique hybrid insurance broking business established in 1973 to provide commercial insurance products to Australian professionals.

The Planned Cover business has evolved to become one of the more dominant general insurance brokers specialising in quality insurance advice, products and risk mitigation strategies for all businesses from sole practitioners through to large international practices.

As a founding member of the largest general insurance broker network in Australia – ASX listed Steadfast Group, Planned Cover have the buying power and influence in negotiating insurance policy terms, conditions and price with market insurers.

Our Philosophy

It’s simple. We are about creating and maintaining great relationships with our clients, built on superior working practices, knowledge and trust.  With over 40 years of experience, we’re focused on delivering outstanding levels of service which go beyond the ‘grudge’ purchase of paying an insurance premium each year.

Our Commitment

We’re committed to working for the benefit of professionals by:

  • Thoroughly understanding your profession and the environment you practice in
  • Working directly with a number of Professional Associations
  • Presenting at various universities around Australia
  • Protecting professional reputations in the management of litigated negligence claims

Our Recognition

We aren’t just talking the talk.  We’ve been a finalist numerous times over the past 10 years at the Australian Insurance Industry Awards ceremony, winning an amazing 3 times! We’re proud to nurture professional relationships with membership organisations who are aligned to our philosophy of risk mitigation, education and risk management. Our endorsed Association partners include:

Whenever possible, we support these organisations charter by providing insurance advice, news content, events & sponsorships, as well as discounted rates for their members to attend continuing professional development opportunities.

Our commitment to professionalism and client service is underpinned by our support for our corporate and industry partners: