04 June 2020

As we continue to adjust to the isolation of working from home during the COVID-19 lockdown, it is good to know that if you are seeking professional advice, there are resources available to you.

If the advice that you seek relates to practice type issues, you can look to your professional bodies and associations for guidance.

If you are an architect, the Australian Institute of Architects Acumen Practice Notes are peer reviewed notes that aim to provide you with the most relevant and up-to-date advisory material about managing an architectural practice.  Acumen is available to Institute members and to others by subscription and should be the first resource you refer to for practice type queries. 

A situation you may face is: “The contractor is going into liquidation, what should I do?” The Acumen Practice Note “Insolvent Contractor” will provide useful advice and guidance.

If you are a member of the Institute, the Senior Counsellor Service to which Institute members have access can also be invaluable for you during this time.  This Service provides confidential assistance to architects who may need guidance or advice on projects, client matters or in relation to their professional responsibilities. 

As a Planned Cover client, you may have access to the informed Practice Guides as part of your PI package.  The Practice Guides provide concise advice on diverse topics and are an invaluable tool to help you understand and manage the complexities of working as a professional consultant in the construction industry.  If you do not currently have access to the Practice Guides, they are available by subscription on the informed website.

As a consultant, a question you may have is: “What should I be wary of when I take over a project from another consultant?” The informed Practice Guide “Supplanting Another Consultant” will provide useful guidance.   

If your query is more of a legal nature, as part of your PI package you may have access to 15 minutes free legal advice from one of our Panel Lawyers practising in insurance litigation.  In this regard, you should contact your Account Manager for further details.     

For Planned Cover PI clients insured through one of our facilities, if you have a query that relates to a PI claim or a circumstance from which a claim may arise, you should contact the claims team for assistance:

Adele Monaco
National Claims Manager
(03) 8508 5406

Karen Wong
Claims Manager
(03) 8508 5426