Planned Cover are excited to be partnering with Parlour

13 July 2023

We are thrilled to announce that we have partnered with Parlour, the internationally renowned non-profit organization dedicated to promoting equity and diversity in architecture and the built environment. As you may know, Parlour is...

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The importance of well drafted suspension and termination rights – you don’t realise how important they are until you need them!

24 March 2023

Those of you who deal with contracts might enjoy this update from informed Lawyers (ACN 635 862 145). informed Lawyers is the law practice owned by IBL Ltd, the company behind Planned Cover: What’s...

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Measuring the Value of Risk Management

11 August 2022

Drawing on our experience in insurance, construction and claims management, our team of risk managers at informed by Planned Cover reviews well over 1000 contracts in an average year, and presents seminars and webinars...

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EOFY insurance check-up for your SME

24 June 2022

The end of the financial year (EOFY) is a time for stocktakes, which includes taking stock of your insurance and risk-management program. The Australian government’s website states that reviewing your insurance and ensuring you have...

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Cyber extortion debuts on list of top executive worries

5 May 2022

If Cyber Insurance is just another product you keep hearing about but think it’s just one of those things you don’t really need, then perhaps it is time to rethink that. A recent article...

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Planned Cover partners with the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects

8 April 2022

Our relationships with endorsing associations are of great importance to us. Not only do we operate in similar industries and therefore have a good understanding of what ‘makes each other tick’, but we also...

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A timely reminder about a common form of Cyber fraud

18 February 2022

Time and time again, we’re hearing of practices whose business emails have been compromised, and we’re concerned that it seems to be on the increase. Criminals use emails and information known about a company...

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Is your business Cyber safe?

1 July 2021

We’re now frequently hearing about large Government departments and corporations being targeted by cyber criminals, both in Australia and overseas. Consequently, there has been a dramatic increase of Ransomware and Social Engineering notifications and...

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The Lacrosse reapportionment of liability

27 May 2021

Further to our update on the outcome of the Lacrosse Appeal, the Court of Appeal handed down its reasons on 12 May 2021 in relation to the reapportionment issue. The Court of Appeal reapportioned...

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