Planned Cover provides market-leading Risk Management services to insured clients through our sister business, informed by Planned Cover.  Our philosophy is to try and prevent claims from occurring by being pro-active with education, practice guidelines and early identification of insurance issues in client contracts before works commence.

What is Risk Management?

Risk Management is the identification and evaluation of anything which may have a harmful effect or negative impact on an organisation’s business. Once such things are identified, procedures and processes need to be put in place in order to mitigate the risks. In an increasingly litigious industry, it is more important than ever to understand the impact of professional service agreements, certificates, and other contract documents on your liability and risk profile. 

Who is informed Risk Management?

informed is:

  • Part of the IBL Limited Group of businesses: informed, Planned Cover and Focus Underwriting
  • A commercially viable entity, which was formerly the Risk Management arm of Planned Cover
  • A business offering a range of value-added services to Planned Cover clients
  • A team of legally qualified Risk Managers who have a unique insight into the challenges faced by professionals in the construction industry
  • Drawing on experience in insurance and construction law to provide clients with the practical assistance needed to navigate a complex industry

informed provides quick and convenient access to topical short courses, live and recorded webinars, seminars and additional subscriber resources to assist and support professionals to confidently manage the rigours of professional practice and meet Continued Professional Development (CPD) obligations.

Our Risk Management offering

informed offers many Planned Cover clients the following as part of their insurance program and at no additional cost:

  • Contract Reviews – insurance reviews of consultancy agreements and related documents that will educate directors and staff about provisions in contracts which may trigger common exclusions in insurance policies, such as, indemnity clauses
  • Risk Management Seminars – in-house presentations for larger clients and group networking seminars for smaller practices. These seminars will educate you and your staff on insurance, risk management, contracts and common causes of claims designed to complement your internal and for most professionals mandatory training programs
  • Practice Guides – a series of topical industry notes

Planned Cover clients can also avail themselves of:

  • Additional services such as online continuing professional development courses, webinars and seminars, along with subscriber services such as sample contracts, checklists and other useful documentation to help mitigate risk. Many of these services are offered at discounted rates for Planned Cover clients

Don’t just listen to us, the statistics do all the talking.  In 2017, the informed Risk Managers:

  • Presented over 100 in-house seminars nationally
  • Educated close to 1000 people via Risk Management webinars
  • Reviewed over 1300 contracts
  • Travelled to every State in Australia to present face-to-face to Planned Cover clients
  • Wrote articles and guidance notes on topics ranging from combustible cladding investigations to the challenges of novated and partial services engagements.

Access the informed website here .