03 March 2017

Many of our clients already work with us to manage both their Professional Risks and General Insurance needs. For these clients this results in a greatly simplified and more cost effective management of their Insurance Portfolio. If you are not one of these clients’ please give some thought to the advantages of allowing us to review your current arrangements.

Much of the data and information you have to provide to renew your Professional Indemnity and Management Liability policies is also required for your other insurances, such as:

  • Public Liability
  • Office Package
  • Cyber Protection
  • Trade Credit
  • Corporate Travel

Wouldn’t you prefer to only have to extract and provide this information once to one adviser rather than two or three times?

When it comes time to provide certificates of currency for tenders and contracts, how much easier would it be to send one email to one broker? Often the certificates need to be customised due to specific contractual requirements or circumstances, again these requirements only need to be explained once.

By using a single broker you will develop a much stronger relationship with that adviser. He/she will gain a very clear understanding of your business and the insurance needs that are applicable to your circumstances.

he General Insurance Account Managers at Planned Cover have access to a wide selection of some of the best insurers in the country, many of whom do not sell direct to the public. In addition they are able to offer the FOCUS office package. This is a bespoke policy wording specifically written for construction professionals.

When the renewal for your General Insurance policies come around, give your Professional Risks Account Manger a call and they will arrange for one of our General Insurance specialists to review these policies with you.

Tom Wilkie

Account Manager – Qld